Thoughts on Episode One of…

I have to say one thing, This anime has the best art and creativity in its opening song.
Though I didn’t like the opening song as I got more interested in colors but the ending song was good.

So let’s not delay it further and talk about my thoughts on Gunjou No Magmel anime, episode -1.

My Thoughts:
Turns out to be good…
I thought that it would be some Isekai styled anime but it wasn’t and it was great to watch it, especially in the 1080p (yes baby!!!!!), as I could see the quality of art more than in avg.720p.
The story was also good and I think they might make it like Dororo, each episode will have a different story, which will make it easier to understand the development of characters.
Also, the best (even above art) is that the Mc has a LOLI!!!!! by his side.

Nice graphics…

It was worth to watch and wait to load the video in 1080p.
Great art and story
A loli as a bonus, nothing else I could ask for except for songs.

My Score: 8/10


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