Fairy Gone – Episode 1 = Impression

Man… Anime these day’s are really good when it comes to artistic quality and it can be said for this anime also.

Though one thing is there that I regret and that is, I didn’t watch it in the highest quality possible but let’s not waste your time and get into the main thing.

And that is my thoughts (which people don’t care much) on episode 1 of Fairy Gone anime.

My Thoughts:
My Childhood was all lie…
This anime just changes the way how we all see the fairies, as we used to think they are cute and beautiful but it isn’t like that in this anime.
As for the songs or music, the opening one is good and I enjoyed as compared to the last/ending song. The story is nice, art is really great including fairies and let’s see how good the story will be.
Also, I think that Marlya (Main Mc) has the strongest Fairy but I would love to see Veronica (the blonde girl) be the strongest character.

assassin fairy is best…

My Score:
It was great and I really hope to see my blonde girl to be the strongest (already chosen my fav. character). Also, the art is really nice.
Hope that this anime will turn out to be good with their new unique idea (fairies).

My Score: 9/10


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