A pleasant time or not so

The episode started with a pleasant time but from the middle, it turns to be a great development on Mc’s nature.
Also, Dororo knowing the truth about orphan children and Mc finding out what this village’s true nature is, was done perfectly but, was that all about this episode or more?

This is episode 15 of Dororo anime.

My Thoughts:
The Future…
I think we all thought that the whole village are demons but it wasn’t the case as they used travelers to feed the demon.
Also, when that ghost-like kid opens his head, at first I was disgusted but after seeing souls coming out it felt beautiful. The fight/action scenes and all other stuff with Dororo thinking himself responsible for the destruction of village and change in Mc’s nature were really great, as it makes you feel to see more.
The change in Mc’s nature and Dororo asking himself, what to do and some more new enemies coming… It felt like the episode wasn’t enough for me.

A new development…

This episode was the main base on whom the next episode is going to be built (that’s what I think) as at the end of the episode we could see that various question are arising with some new problems.
Let’s hope best for the upcoming episodes.

My Score: 8.5/10

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