3 Gatsu No Lion – My Thoughts

I have to say one thing and that is, this anime makes me feel like an adult. I mean this is not for kids, it’s mature (not in a profanity or romance manner) and shows a lot of things.

I don’t think I have to say anything…

So let’s not waste our time and read my adult thoughts on this anime.

 My Thought:
Feeling like an adult…
I hope that you are someone who hasn’t watched this anime, so, I’ll take less time and tell you the main thing.
This anime is something that’s gonna tell you a lot of things about society, love, loneliness, and various other things. Also, the main thing which I like the most about this anime is that they never take the side character’s for granted, as no matter where you look in any corner of the scene there is alway’s something going on.

momo is the best character…

As Mc keeps meeting new people he grows more and we also get to learn more.
Also, the song’s till episode 11 was good but after that(From episode 12), they were great and gave off a feeling which matches the scenes in the anime.

well, that was…

It teaches you a lot and as we see more episode, we also learn more and grow with the MC.
The anime doesn’t have any romance or harem but you won’t feel that it will be needed.

My Score:9/10

Should you watch it?
Yes, it’s worth it but if you are someone who doesn’t like simple or more interested in romance anime then don’t watch it.

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