.Hack//Legend of The Twilight – Thought’s

You all know that I am a big Lolico* “cough” I mean, I am a big fan of cute things and harem anime and this anime…It has what I want but not the way I wanted.

So shall we get on the main thing that is my thoughts on this anime.

Also about Characters and Art:
The designs were good but the Main character’s felt like kids or maybe they were drawn as kids
As, for the art quality, it’s…good by seeing when it was released but not good when compared to today’s anime.

I have also found you!!!!….

My Thoughts:
Felt like SAO…
It’s like SAO but not that, as in this you won’t get stuck in the game but you will play the game in a massive world which has some problems.
The anime is filled with cute girls (you know what I mean) and some good scenes (not the fan service), also, it has lot’s of a moment which could be perfect for creating funny memes but the main drawback was the plot.
It’s not like it was bad or something but it felt like just OK, but it’s an old anime and it’s geared towards young kids(that’s what I think).
Also, forgot to say this, the opening song was just ok but the last/ending song was good.

those are not kids eyes…

It was good to pass my time watching mc surrounded with girls (Which includes a loli and his sister, also a milf). Action scenes were at average and the art (no need to tell this but still) quality is low (it’s an old anime).

My Score: 6.5/10

So should you watch it?
No, I don’t think it will be worth to waste your data but if you want to make some memes then be sure to check it out.

One more time I am saying it, It’s geared towards young kids so by seeing harem tag, don’t think you are gonna get some steamy scene’s.

Do you understand now, it’s only for kids…

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