.Hack//Quantum – A short thought

Seems like the whole .hack series is based on VR gaming only.

So without fasting any more time let’s get into the main topic which is my thought’s on this anime, also, I didn’t watch this anime in high quality so I can’t say anything about the art, but still, the art quality seemed to be good.

 My Thoughts:
 It was your avg. anime…
The anime was short (only 3 episode) with only girls as main and side characters.
They didn’t waste much time and get into the main theme, also they didn’t put any opening song, which helped to make the anime fell like longer, but they did put an ending song which was ok.
It was ok and funny (not that much) but the sole reason for watching this anime (for me) was because of the cat in it.

It looks cute….

It was just ok and it didn’t felt that good to watch it. There was no action scene’s (there were, but not that tempting). And for the story, it was also ok.

My Score: 5.5/10

So should you watch it?
NO… But, hey! everyone has there own taste so maybe you enjoy it.


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