They need a big room

Mc’s connection has sure gotten wider and most of them are S class. Luckyyy!!!!

But we are also lucky to see the episode 3 of One Punch Man season 2 and my thought’s on it, which many of you don’t like to read much, still, here it is.

My Thoughts:
Don’t mess with me…
The episode was good with all those actions (fight of Garo) but the most amazing part for me was when Saitama (Mc) started distributing banana to everyone. I really liked that scene.
Also, that fight sorry not fight but just casual meeting of our Mc and Garo, really I mean it, it was just a casual meeting, also, we got the spoilers for the next episode which will be on martial art tournament.

someone is going down…

The banana scene was just great and we all know Mc will alway’s remain same.
I enjoyed the episode and hope you guys would have also enjoyed it.

My Score: 9/10


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