The battle is on…

Not gonna take much time in this post as the episode was just about the fight between the beast and Mc, after that a talk between people and some secrets revealed.

So, this is episode 16 of The Rising of The Shield Hero anime and my short post on it.

About the episode-
The episode was mainly about Mc trying to fight with the beast which changed into the fight between The Beast and Filolial Queen, where the Queen gave a kick right to the face of the beast.

It’s a straight Kick! Right At the Face!!! and… the beast is down!!!, it’s down!!!

Later after the fight, Mc and queen spend there time talking about the problems which other countries are facing and queen proposing that heroes should not fight with each other.
And at the last scene, we could see that the two heroes have found some dark secret about the 3 hero church.

And that’s it.

Nothing much to talk about the episode as nothing great or extraordinary happened so that’s the end of the post.

My Score – 7.5/10


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