Hitoribocchi No OO Seikatsu Anime- Ep: 1-4 impression

I wished that the episode would be short for this anime but it’s not like it’s a total waste of 24 minutes.

So, shall we talk about my thoughts on this anime so far, From episode 1-4?

My Thoughts:
I am confused…
So far, I am confused as I don’t understand if Mc has grown or not, sometimes it feels like there is some development in character and sometimes not.
But, let’s leave that aside and talk about the episode so far.
Many new characters had been shown till episode 4 and each character have their own specialty. Also, now also understands the hardship of maintaining and relationship.
It was enjoying and lovely so far.

I want a hug…..

It was a good ride till episode 4 and I really hope for the more great episode but I think that 24min episode is longer and as compared to Senryu Girl anime, it’s not that appealing.
But we have more episode to come and things might change in the future.

My score: 7.5/10

The group has grown up…


2 thoughts on “Hitoribocchi No OO Seikatsu Anime- Ep: 1-4 impression

  1. I’ve just started catching up on this one and one of my first thoughts was that this would be much better with 12 minute episodes. I’m not disliking it, but it really doesn’t seem to have enough subject matter for full length episodes. Still deciding whether I’m going to continue this one through to the end of the season or not.

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