Senryuu Shoujo Anime – Ep: 1-4 Impression

It’s gonna be a short thought as the episode is of 12 minutes only so don’t think it will be a long one.

And here I start.

My Thoughts:
It’s fun…
So far, the ride was full of fun and enjoyment.
With only having 12 min run-time they provided there best to us and it great to watch it. So far, we have been introduced with many character’s and we also got to know about there weird hobbies, like someone likes to peak at other’s relationship, whereas some are just too overprotective over there daughter.
Also, we got a character which seems to be the same as the main mc girl (in talking)

It was enjoying as each episode had something new in it, which showed us more about the character.
Also, at first I thought it is a pure shoujo anime but now I am confused but still gonna put this under shoujo list but, it was an enjoying experience.

My Score: 7.7/10
It’s a simple comedy and slice of life anime. (Harem)


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