3d Kanojo Girl Anime Season 1 – My Take on it…

What happens if a 2d lover(otaku) falls in love with a 3d girl?
 Will, their relationship go on? or break?

That’s what this anime is all about. Also, this anime show’s about the hardship they face (Being otaku) in society, as they are being disgusted and bullied by other people.

My Thoughts:
Felt like Shoujo Anime…
The anime is a simple slice of life romance one without any other extra stuff.
The anime shows how society treat’s otaku and also tells how hard it is to maintain a relationship whether you are an otaku or not.
The main mc character was a serious type and his character was like… a bit girlish.
The anime was about an unbreakable friendship, relationship and above all, it taught me that if you like something then why be shamed from it?
Also, for the Main girl character, she was a kinda weird one. It felt like she sees things differently.

The ending turned out to be nice…

The anime was nothing special, but simple and showed us the struggle of maintaining the relationship between a weird girl and otaku boy. It also showed about there friends and family views and pain.

My Score:7/10

So, should you watch it?
It depends…
If you want a slow paced romance anime which also tells you how hard it is to keep a relationship then watch it if not then…

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