3d Kanojo Girl Anime Season 2 – It’s a nice one

Most of you might not have thought that it will get a 2nd season but we are here.

 And what’s more? I got more thought on this anime so shall we get on the main thing? or not… As this time I am just going to tell you in a simple way.

About the 2nd season:
The 2nd season of this anime is about new problems which you face in a relationship, like a new girl trying to enter into your relationship, or meeting someone who loves your girl OR your girl/crush losing memories…
This season also focuses on other character’s relationships like Mc’s friend and his sister? (I forgot :p)

It’s nice to see and know how hard it is to maintain a relationship or helping your friends in their relationship.
It was a good anime and I am glad to see how characters grew from unresponsible person to a proper adult, who loves anime but do care about the real world…

My Score:7.5/10

Should you watch it?
Yes, this time yes as it was great to see love triangle and boyfriend vs lover.
But!, if you are not interested in a relationship much then don’t watch it. Als the anime is simple and so don’t expect great comedy scenes.

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