Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai Anime: From episode 1-4 overview

So, we have come to episode 4 and it’s time to talk about how good the anime has gone. Also, I have read the manga so I may compare the manga and anime sometime.

Shall we begin Guys or Girls? Well, it doesn’t matter to be true…

The angle is nice…

 My Thoughts:
 Waiting for Milf…
 Not truly milf, as Sensei is not married yet but still I am waiting for her character to be introduced as I manga the way she talked really piqued my interest, so, I want to see what kind of voice she will get in anime, Though we did get a scene of her but still…
So far, there has been some progress in Mc’s harem list but not that much and for our Mc, he is as usual as ever.
Also, we have come to know a little about characters also. From a girl listening to some boy’s talk to going on a diet, we have watched it all, which also includes someone having a brother complex.

Her face is nice…

It was good and full of enjoyment to till episode 4 but still, there are areas which should be improved (or it’s just my own taste). Each episode was aimed at one girl (so far) which helped us to know what type of character they are.
It was good…

My Score: 7/10

The best angle…

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