Fairy Gone Anime: Episode 1-4 my take on it

Where will this anime go? I don’t know that but I do know that the future is really bright for this anime.

So, shall we talk about this beautifully done anime? And let’s begin it for all those beautiful girls who might visit my site in the future.

 My Thoughts:
 An untold story and a deep friendship…
From new enemy to understanding what you lack to improve and an untold story… this anime has it all.
The actions were great, the story was also great and the entrance of My fav. girl (blonde character/Veronica) was the greatest. The last episode was good and we come to know about the mc’s past and how she got to be friend with Ver. And we also come to know that she is jealous of her.
For me, the best part so far was the last scene of episode 4, which also had piano music in it. Also, the times when she is worried about her friend.

Her hero is here…

One thing is for sure, Ver. love’s Mc and she always eliminates the problem which can be a threat to her. Hope they won’t make it like Sasuke and Itachi (from Naruto) ending and make it more like Yuri (as a subplot but it’s not that necessary).
It was just great.

She had always cared for you…

My Score:8.8/10


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