Gunjou No Magmel Anime: Episode 1-4 After-Thoughts

We can clearly see why someone is jealous…
 But that’s not what we are here for (we are but still you know… FB*)

From a beautiful and seductive blonde girl to a celebrity character we have seen a lot and each episode had its own new story.

 So it time to get things started, which are my great thoughts on this anime.

My Thoughts:
Mc turned out to be badass…
I thought the Mc’s character is some free to go type but in the later episodes it turned out to be badass.
From a loli worrying about some certain part of her body to psycho women, I have seen it all and it was good. Also, we get to see some character development in Mc’s buddy which is great.
Each episode’s action and story were good and some episode contained the dark past of mc (Not that dark).

A weird smile…

It is a good anime but I am confused as what is more better, Dororo or this one, as, both have the same style like each episode has a new story and above all, One has Trap/Cute Boy in it and Other Hasssss… LOLI…
So, let’s wait for more episode and then see how good it will be.

My Score: 7.8/10

Wait, wth are you eating!!!!

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