Surrounded by Enemies And Loneliness

The episode was filled with memories of betrayal and sadness.

This is episode 16 of Dororo, where Mc and his little pal are missing each other and my overview on it.

Not Enough…
The episode was just the half part and it wasn’t enough, after all, we want to see some actions.
Dororo missing his big bro and MC missing his little kid, also, being naked in front of all was something goo..” cough” I mean really sad And that crazy guy who fed the whole village to his sharks was something really good, I mean the story was really good.

The episode was not something special but more like storytelling and it’s a build for the next episode, which hopefully will be really amazing as Mc might meet someone from his past or the man who gave him life.
Man, I can wait

To be continued…

My Score:7.9/10
The story was really good..

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