It’s just a big monster nothing much…

Like hell, it is just big… It’s way too big (monster) and I hope that my post won’t be as big as this monster.

This is episode 4 of One Punch Man Season 2 and

My Thoughts:
We all might have read the manga and we all had our thoughts and expectations on anime adaptation and it really did stand up to my expectation, as the action scene of the monster was nice.
Action and the designs of monsters were really great and for comedy, Well Saitama is in the scene so you will smile.

What is in his head…

The episode wasn’t filled with much stuff except the fight of Metal Bat and monster then the Garo at last. It was good and enjoying but you know we all want to see Saitama, but this also good as they should focus not only Mc but other heroes also.

My Score:7.9/10


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