Nande Koko ni Sensei ga! Anime: Never judge a anime by its meme…

I think the title might not suit that much but for me, it’s best as first I thought that this anime might be some fun but I knew it would have fan service in excess but damn… why did they cover it…….

 Did you thought I would say something else?

 The anime is full of scenes behind the curtain which people might not like that much, Still it’s good.

I seriously need to talk with creators…

Not the anime I want to review as it’s something which can change me into Henta* reviewer (Which is still a good thing) but still it is an art so let’s do it.

My Thoughts:
I am serious…
The fan service is top notch and for the story, it’s not that great but still not that you can’t watch it (actually it’s OK).
Art, character, and scenes were great.

It’s an anime which you should watch for fanservice but not Henta*.
Good anime, also, it has comedy in it. So it’s not just about fanservice.

My Score: I’ll wait till the anime ends…


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