A one fine day

Well, that’s what I thought it would be but it wasn’t as it later changed into a 1vs1 fight between Filo and the Queen of Filo and at last scene someone might have died. And that’s it! Really?

This is episode 17 of “Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari” and

My Thoughts:
Your everyday episode…
This time it felt like an everyday episode and I think it’s ok as the creators also need some time to refresh and for the episode, it was ok.
The episode was mostly about making Filo understand that she can be stronger and she should thrive for it, so she could become a strong part of the team. But you know guys, Filo is Filo and she doesn’t care about being queen or strong as long she is by the side of her master.
There was more into the episode as someone being shot by a flash of lightning or any other spell. (Maybe they died but we know the spoilers)

yes you…

It was good but the last part as it gave me a big smile when I thought they had died. But overall the episode was good and it seems like Filo has grown up a little(Maybe).

My Score: 7.5/10


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