Dororo anime review from episode 18-20

Is the end near?
So far it was a great ride and I enjoyed it specially the episode where he was going to marry a girl.

 So let’s get things started…

 This is “Dororo” anime and my thoughts from episode 17-20.

  My Thoughts:
 I missed a lot of stuff…
 I didn’t imaging things would escalate this fast, as I thought it will go longer but it’s not going to go longer and the series will end soon.

 Mc finding the person who gave him name and body, then we come to know that Mc has emotions and he cared for his people, it was going smoothly and then we got funny episode which was good as it made the show more smoother from mature and psychological one.

 And the last episode which showed us how grate Mc’s greed is for his body, which seems like the end is near for us all.

It was full of enjoyment and great to know about what it means to have family and also to know that bonds are not made with blood ties but with feelings for each other…
I enjoyed so far and I am ready to see the war…

My Score: 7.8/10

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