Nobunaga teacher’s young bride anime review from episode 5-8


I was tired so I thought I should get some wild energy but seems like I got too much…
 I wont take much of your time because I know this stuff are not goo for review’s but still I watched it and want to tell you some thoughts on it.

 This is “nobunaga sensei no osanazuma” (Japanese name) anime and some thought on it from episode5-8

 Wild Thoughts:
 His loli harem has grown bigger…
 So far Mc got a new legal Lol* in his harem and things are going great for us (men’s) but let me tell you all, each scene is quite steamy one (not every episode, i think).

I just watched it to make myself awake for a while and it did a pretty good job and for the episode till now, they are steamy, not good… but steamy OK?

It’s not something for kids but great for people who want to keep themselves awake during work so yeah it’s a great (it’s not truth). Be sure to watch it alone and don’t let anyone peek on your phone or PC while watching. I enjoyed and the last episode was…

My Score:
I don’t think it would be a good idea to rate this anime. but still I am thinking, why the hell is it PG13?


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