We Never Learn anime review from episode 5-8

I have seen it all from girls being worried about there love to someone imaging weird stuff about there teachers and also a sister who is a bro-com.

 So, let’s get thing started which is my sweet (not that much) thoughts about this anime “We never learn” [In English] from episode 5 to 8.

 My Thoughts:
MC generating love flag with almost every girl…
Sometime when i see myself in mirror and then look at this Mc, I really fell like to spit on myself like he is truly living his life then I come to remember that it’s a fantasy and then again feel proud on myself.
So far, the anime has show good development from a kiss to a mature women and I enjoyed them but the meme’s so far were more enjoyable for me.

What are you imagining comrade???

It was good not  that great but still good. So far it showed us who loves whom and what are they worried about there future (from girls point of view) and Mc being dumb as ever.

My Score: 6.8/10


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