Why are you here Sensei! anime review from episode 5-7

It was something else.

It’s just a short thought on it so don’t expect some long review.

 Short Thought:
 At first I thought that it would be just about a boy and his teacher story (steamy one) but then after watching all the episode so far, of this anime “Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!“, I was wrong.
 The story keeps changing with all chracters also, from 1-3 or 4 episode there was one story played on and then the story changed to another and now to another one.

 But this doesn’t mean that it’s a good anime (it has a lot’s of steamy scene but they all are hidden behind the banners so keep imagining), it’s good but only for hot scene lovers…

Not the anime I would recommend to anyone but surely recommend it to those who are in there puberty.

My Score: ?
It’s good for those who want to enjoy some hot scene but not in excess.


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