100% Teacher Pascal anime review

Well that was not bad…

Hope you have not heard about this anime because if you know this anime then you might not read my post but I know you haven’t so let’s talk about this anime which was not that bad that i thought it might be.

My Thoughts on it:
The anime is about the everyday life of a teacher called Pascal and yeah he is surely not human. Each episode is around 10 minutes only which is divided into 3 parts so you won’t get bored (its a different story if you watch the whole anime in one go).

The anime is full of comedy and gag moments but they do get boring after some time but what not is boring is that each episode is different from other and every episode has something new like a new character or etc.

It’s a good anime for kids (not for adults) as the story and scene are all about small kids only. Also, they have shown all types of character which we can see in class, like a delinquent, a genius or a fight lover, etc…
Also, the best thing is there ending song (It’s in Indian style), which is new and quite good also…

Indian costume…

My Score: 6.5/10


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