30-Sai no Hoken Taiiku Anime Review

It was pretty hard to think what kind of tags should I put in but managed to do it and let’s not talk about extra stuff and get into this anime.

“Are you 30 years old now? Don’t even have a single girlfriend? Then don’t worry as we have special people to help you in your love life…” and that’s what I think about this anime is all about.
I mean the male and female Mc will have love gods by there sides to help them in there love life (finding a mate) and also teach some se*.. sorry, I mean physical health.

It’s a short anime and they don’t just focus on them (mc’s) alone but on gods and side characters also…

Just what the hell are they doing…

The anime is full of comedy and healthy?… knowledge (don’t know if I should say health or what). It’s good and doesn’t think that there will be any explict or nudity in it as it’s made solely for healthy education and finding good mate.

Also, one thing I do come to realize is that, don’t put your nose in others love matter as it takes a long time to solve it

My Score: 6.7/10
I enjoyed watching it…


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