91 Days Anime Review

The story was…. GREAT.

91 Day’s is anime which may had confused you when reading the title, making you feel that it has 91 episodes or made you feel like it will have some 1vs1 action pack scene when you watch the posters but it’s not like that.

The anime is all about the revenge of a boy who lost his family due to mafia member and now he is out to hunt each and every one, one by one. Mc leaves his family, name and all things which could bind him with the past and the only thing he carried from the past was his thirst for revenge.
Different country, different people and a different name.

Each episode plays a great role as mc discover’s new people, some of them are his ally and some are his enemy. Also, it full of violence so, get a grip in your heart when guns are in the hands.

The anime shows different people, a different feeling and much more. The music also plays a great role as it makes you feel the loneliness MC is going through. And when the end comes, Mc realizes that he has lost himself in revenge.

Lost in an unknown world…

The story was top notch (not that highly great but still….). To me, the story was something that kept me watching again and again. Also, art quality is good. But there is one thing that bugs me and that is the ending…

Well whatever, it’s a good anime so, if you want to watch it then go ahead.

My Score:8.4/10

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