Himenospia Manga Review

As we have talked in the beginning that the manga is not about some revenge but more so let’s dig into the story more and see if it will wake your curiosity or not.

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Alright, extra stuff is over now let’s get serious.

The manga is about a girl (Endou Himeno) who is always bullied by all other girls and she is also not loved by her mother.
The group of girls forces her to eat/swallow a wasp which later gives her the power to control any girl but no boys.

From here the story will start to unfold…

Here we sense that the revenge part will start but it’s not like that, mc (Himeno) only wishes for a peaceful life and thus she uses her power to control the girl and make a peaceful school life but she also gives those girls their freedom to there life, which means she let them do what they want.
In later chapter’s you will also get to know how her life was in her childhood which involves some *rape* also.

The manga is violent in graphics (in action scene) so be sure to hold your heart for that. Also, the manga has a little bit of yuri in it.
As the story progress, you will see how the mc’s character develops and she become a worthy leader of her group. And there is much more.

She has grown up

The manga is about a girl who just wants a peaceful life and how she will protect her own little world and her people from others.
I loved this manga and will continue to keep reading it until the author wants to continue it.
If you have some free time then be sure to check it out.

My Score: 9.5/10
The manga is ongoing so be sure to check it out.


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