Ninja Nonsense Anime Review

As you have read my lines before that this anime is not only about the lifestyle of a clumsy ninja girl but more than that, so let’s dig into it and see what this anime is all about.

The anime has 12 episode and each episode has 2 mini-episode (15 minutes) which means that you will watch 24 mini-episodes.
Also, when you will listen to the opening music it will tell you that, “This anime is all about love, lust and nudity”, which is surely correct.

The anime is full of humor and ecchi scenes so you will laugh hard and hard but there is more into it, especially our cute Mc (Shinobu).
The mc is really cute and clumsy and the only reason we will laugh hard but it’s not like she will be the only character to do the work as there are other ninjas also who will make you laugh (especially that yellow character, the name is hard to write so sorry).

As for the nudity, you are gonna love it.

what the…

*cough* sorry wrong photo, but there is some very good scene which will make you laugh and love a lot. YOU CAN BELIEVE IN MY WORDS!!!!

It’s a great anime which is full of comedy and gag’s so be sure to laugh as hard as possible.
Also, be sure to watch the anime in English sub as it is better than the dub version (that’s my own thinking)

My Score:7.9/10
I enjoyed

is there something wrong??

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