I am a spider, So what? Manga Review

As I have said it’s one of my best manga so ill not take much of your time and keep this post short and to the point so, let’s dig into it.

But before that, be sure to check our Ko-Fi page as we have some free art there, though they are not that great still we are improving and if you feel like that then be sure to donate us.

The manga follows a story of a female MC who got transported into a different world as a spider in a dungeon and her daily life where she tries her best to level up and also finding ways to get out of dungeon.

You may think that this might be a boring one as it will be same isekai stuff with OP female Mc but you are totally wrong. She is not op as she is just way too weak and always gets demotivated fast when she sees other people stats and size.
But she tries everything to survive.

The manga is something new and unique in the world of manga as it has a great story and comedy in it. Also, the development in character is also there.

The manga is full of humor and a great story, also there are some side stories so you will enjoy and never get bored. Also, the main thing, the mc is an otaku so get ready to see some chunni names and comedy scene.

Feels like I am looking at my past…

The manga has everything in it, from an otaku who talks to herself always so she cant get bored to a great story.

My Score: 10/10
Also, the anime will be out soon.


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