.hack//liminality Anime Review

You know guys… it’s really hard to give a review on something which is not your cup of tea and it gets harder when you don’t know anything about the background of the topic but we have to do it. So let’s just dig into it and know about the anime and how it looks to those who don’t know about the background of this anime.

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The anime focuses on the same game (which is hack) and same issues like people going onto coma while playing the same game but this time it will show you the real world view on it. No in-game view or something like that but the real world view on this problem.

Because I have no idea about the background this game (but I have watched other animes) so I didn’t know about how to measure the story but one thing I was surprised to see that they did a good job on each character as each character talks like a real person would talk and do in real life.

It’s old anime so the art is low but still viewable…

When you read the plot of the anime you feel like it would be different but it’s not like that the anime revolves around the same problem which other .hack anime revolved but what diff3rent is that there is no in-game view but real people’s view.

It was good to see how character performed so it wasn’t that bad for me but still…

My Score: 4.5/10
Maybe, I should play this game…


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