Lookism Manhwa Review

As I have said in the beginning that this manhwa is just great, wait no, great is a small word for it.
Actually, why not you guys decide it after you read this manhwa but before that read this post.

But even before that, be sure to check our Ko-Fi page as we have some free art there, though they are not that great still we are improving and if you feel like that then be sure to donate us.

The manhwa revolves around a boy who is ugly, has a small height and he is poor, and of course, no need to say that he is also bullied by others.
The stories main theme is about discrimination we all make based on looks and it did a great job in it.

The manhwa has some supernatural element also but it is not on a high level and will make this manhwa and the mc’s life more unique to you.
The manhwa just shows everything about society and there discrimination based on looks. (here everything means everything…)

But hey wait now, did you think it would be only about Mc? NO! it will be also about people around them and what they struggled in there life and how they end up being someone who could protect others.
Man, I loved it and enjoyed it…

The story starts from a weak and less confident mc and ends up in mc having lot’s of loyal friends, a beauty by his side and fully confidence chibi, but hey the story doesn’t end here as it goes on and shows the dark side of having good looks (yeah… it gets mature, which means you can expect “prostitution” on it’s way)

Guess who is Mc….

The manhwa is still going on so there is much more to come but so far whatever it shows, it can be easily related to anyone who is/was bullied.
I mean, it was like seeing my own past.
The growth of Mc, having confidence, that struggle, and blah blah… It feels just way too real.

My Score:10/10
Just give some time and you will know it yourself, why it is so highly rated. Also, the best thing is that you can read it for free (yes, from there official site or app, no need to sign in or any other shi* like pirated), it’s available in Webtoon site and app, but be sure you are visiting English site (as they have Korean language site also.)


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