Magmel of the Sea Blue Anime review from episode 8-10

As I have said, this post will be really short so let’s not waste your time and my time also.

As we know each episode has a different story and diff. problem and all those stories are good but I think that I am starting to get bored now, though I am liking it as slowly-slowly I can see that each story or episode helps in the growth of Mc and the relation of him (mc) and his acquaintance (zero). And it has been good so far.

Also, we got to see some growth in Zero as she talks much more and also smiles more as compared to early episodes.

What is she hiding?

It’s good but sometimes I feel like getting bored but then again I feel that I am good to go.
I am confused but I enjoyed the episode so far.

My Score 7/10

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