Ookumo-chan Flashback Manga Review

As I have said that this manga has a very simple plot, I mean really simple and you have read it in the beginning so, let’s dig in deeper for more.

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Alright, its time to dig.

As we have read the plot so, I know what your dirty mind is thinking right now but you are totally wrong. Yes, you are wrong.
The manga is not an 18+ or have any nudity but it’s just about little ecchiness and small mother complex.

The boy always had dreams about what his father did in his school life with his mother which makes him confused about his own feelings for his mother and his struggle to keep his feelings away.

You know where this will go….

It’s a simple comedy and ecchi manga with little incest type feeling.
It’s just an ok manga with everything at an ok level, nothing is too much or too low.

My Score: 7.8/10
I am enjoying it…


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