3D Glass Mask Anime Review

As I have said that those who have watched this anime surely regretted it and those who haven’t watched they are…
But there is something I want to talk about.

From my special spies and all the information, I have gathered I come to know that the anime is a parody of the manga called “Glasses Mask” (spelling mistakes) and that manga is really good (that’s what I had heard).
Also, the manga is fully shoujo one so, those who like it can go but I have to say that the manga is simple and nothing extra-ordinary so if you were expecting something great then forget it.

And those who have read the manga they might be able to watch the anime but I haven’t read the manga so I’ll solely talk about the art quality and…. it was avg.

Don’t watch it till you haven’t read the manga so you can know what’s going on and the quality of the art is bad.

My Score: 4/10
Well, to be honest, it wasn’t that bad as I have watched worse than this.

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