I’m a Middle-Aged Man Who Got My Adventurer License Revoked Manga Review

From the image and the tittle, I know that you have guessed what this manga will be like and will it be worth it or not but is it some just slice of life manga with a loli or more? Shall we go more deep or….

The manga revolves around a middle-aged man who is no longer an adventurer and also been kicked out of his team, so he goes on a journey to relax but things happened and he found a loli.
The story then further tell us all how there day’s pass on and thier little adventure together. Also, the mc will know who caused his adventurer license revoked.

The manga is simple without and ecchiness and also shows how both of them care for each other.
I think that this manga is way better than those mangas which have loli but show them in a different way.

To be frank I enjoyed the manga as there is progress in the character and they always stick with the story.
The art is also good and the translation is also a no worry.

My Score:7/10
The chapters are short but don’t worry you won’t be bored and the manga is still ongoing.

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