Maria Watches Over Us Anime season 1 Review

As I have said this is a really a great anime but many of us (especially boys) won’t watch it because it is a shoujo anime. Also, if you are hoping for some female x female then please get out of here and those who really want to know about this anime can stay here and let’s read more.

but before we do that, be sure to check our Ko-Fi page as we have some free art’s there, though they are not that great still we are improving and if you feel like that then be sure to donate us.

Alright, extra stuff is over and now to the main thing.

The anime is about a girl (Yumi) who goes to an all girl catholic school and there she meets a girl whom she admires the most and that’s it. It’s just about there everyday school life and the problems they face with other stuff also. But!

But it doesn’t suck like those slice of life anime’s out there. The anime has a great story and the characters are just well made. The music in the background makes you feel calm and the story won’t let you bore.
And what else do you want?

Is this FATE???

The anime is all about character’s and there interaction with others.

I know the review was not clear but you know some things cannot be just described in words and it is one of those but it’s not like it doesn’t have any flow. The art is the only flow in it but you can forgive it as it’s an old anime.
Also, just give it a short and see how good it is.

My Score: 8.5/10
I never thought that I would like it and also watch each and every episode without skipping anything…you will love it.


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