3000 League In Search of Mother Anime Review

Let’s not waste time as I am starting to remember all those emotional scenes which I saw in my childhood (in this anime…).

The anime is about a boy named Marco, who one day receives a letter from her mother (she works in Argentina), that she is sick and the story begins.
Mc goes on a journey to meet his mother, from his home ( Genoa, Italy) to Argentina together with his father.

Mc is naive and it makes you really angry sometimes by looking how dumb he is but it’s still good as it shows how innocent he is.
The anime is slow-paced, as it has 52 episodes so the story will be slow but don’t worry you will enjoy it.

And that’s it.

the anime is old so the art quality is not that great but still viewable, as for music and characters they are also good and the story is just…great/best.
I cried when he meets his mother finally and it was a great experience.

My Score: 8.9/10
It is still one of my best memory from my childhood.

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