The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime Review from episode ep 21-24

The last review was till episode 20, so let’s continue from there till the latest episode which is ep24.

The anime has progressed a lot as MC is always trying to unite all heroes so all of them could work together but still no one is listening to him even though he (MC) is stronger than all of them, also no need to tell but still, Mc’s name has been cleared and is recognized as a hero.

Also, Mc and his team go to a new place to level them up and they are now stronger than last time we (or I) saw them.
The wave is here along with some new friends which later turned into enemies and some old enemies meeting again.

But I wanted to see her…

And that’s it.

The last episode was great and we all can see that with a duel of Mc and the enemy (who was a friend). It was going great but it gets better when the main villain Mc entered along with music in the background which just drives you crazy for a more greater fight.

My Score:9/10
I wan’t more…

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