11 Eyes Anime Review

I’ll be straight, the anime is above avg. or just an OK anime.
So let’s dig into it more and see what else we have here.

The anime plot is quite long so I won’t be talking on it, but still here is a quick note: The anime is about a boy and his friends who are trying to survive in a different world or dimension. Also the enemies of the diff. world are trying to destroy there(Mc) world.

No doubt it’s a supernatural anime with mc and others having some great superpower (not that great) and friends who sometimes act like a foe. Sounds good?
It may sound good but that’s it… I mean that what it’s. The anime is full of actions and the characters are pretty avg. (nothing special) and for the story, it was…avg.

Avg. story, avg. characters and avg. action with a little bit of ecchines but what was not avg. is the blood. The anime has a lot of blood spill (a lot) and scene with mild profanity (or very high as you might literally feel it, like[spoiler] a demon tearing whole body bit by bit).

aaaaaah… that scene….(body teared apart)

I won’t say that my time was in vain, as the anime is ok and watchable and I can see why people didn’t like the anime much because of mild plot and just blood spill everywhere but still it was an OK experience.

My score: 6.8/10
Just avg. and watchable.

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4 thoughts on “11 Eyes Anime Review

    1. Is this anime terrible?
      To be true I liked watching it but not that much so it’s bad as the story is not that good but actions were good at the very least but it all comes down to your own taste.


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