Moon-led Journey Across Another World Manga Review

As I have said in the preview of my post that this manga was just a good isekai one but wasn’t something I would recommend but after the last chapter, it just showed that this manga has a lot more than I thought it would have for me.

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First of all let’s talk about the manga plot which is just like any other isekai manga, Mc called or summoned into another world by the god but here he is not the hero as he was kicked out by the one who called her as he wasn’t the one she wanted but Mc does have OP power.
And you know the rest of the story.

Mc getting new companion (obviously they are girls but they are also OP) and his journey like any other manga and that’s how it was going so far until the last chapter.
Mc’s people got hurt, he understood his mistake and killed the enemy with full brutality.

I mean we all see mc killing demons or monster and even humans (in other manga’s) but the thing is, the author doesn’t show much feeling in those character as it feels like it is normal to him but here the mc gets emotional and remember his old world after killing for the first time.

It has some potential…

But I can be wrong. Thought it is starting to show some great development from dumb Mc to responsible one but let’s see how far it will go.

Just you avg. isekai manga which is starting to show that it may have some potential and let’s see how far it will go on but so far it had been a good ride.

My Score: 7/10
The last chapter was nice…


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