Hitori Bocchi’s Lifestyle Anime Review

This is the end for this anime as well as my last review for this.

The anime was focused on the mc (Hitori Bocchi) who is shy, I mean really shy and get’s cared easily, and her quest to adapt to her new surrounding and make as much as friends possible.

There has been good growth in Mc, as she is less shy but still a scared cat, which is good in its own way, and her friends also have different characters, some are funny and some are cut.

As for the music they are good, just good.

Final Thoughts:
The anime is cute and it was good to watch it but it wasn’t that great than I thought it might be but still, it was a good journey so far.

My Score:6.7/10
The anime could have been better and maybe liked by more people if they had different release time as the other anime, Senryu Shoujo (Review is on its way) was also displayed at the same day and that anime is really good.

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