Senryu Girl Anime Review

About the Anime:
The anime revolves around two main characters Yukishiro Nanako (female mc) and Busujima Eiji (male mc), and there everyday story with there friends and family.

The anime has 12 episodes and each episode is of 12 min only and that’s enough, as there is no nonsense or anything else which could make the story/theme go down.
It has good character, funny scene (not much still it’s on good level) and shows about the family of each mc. And best of all great art with great music (opening and ending song).

She is not mature!!!!

Final Thoughts:
the key feature of this anime is its 12 min runtime as they just give/show everything in 12 min without any nonsense stuff and the story goes smoothly and the music at the end was also great which just made me watch the whole episode from the start to the ending music.

My Score:7.5/10
Never thought the journey would end this fastly but still, it was great.

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