Dororo Anime Review

Let’s not be emotional and get straight to the point, also I wanted to review other anime’s but I am sad and not in a mood to continue on so, let’s begin.

The anime is about a boy who was used as a sacrifice to the demons for the welfare of the land (the one who sacrificed the mc was the king). The boy wants to live and he lived… by the help of someone.
And now he is on a journey to get back his body from all those demons who devoured it.

The anime is full of action and blood spilling everywhere. It’s not your avg. action pack story but a story full of blood and revenge with some gore/profanity in it. It’s a mature anime.
As for the story and art, they are good also each episode will have a new theme or a new demon which will be killed by our mc so you won’t be bored much.

In short, the story is all about a mother’s regret, a fathers responsibility and a boy who wants to ask, why was he left and let be devoured to his father and his mother.

it’s time to get it back…

It’s a good anime who wants full action and has no problem with any mature content (not steamy but blood).
As for the music, don’t worry they have your back as it is good but not that great and sometimes really great (I’ll let you decide it yourselves).

My Score:8/10
I’ll miss them.

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