Fairy Gone Anime Review

I won’t be wasting my time or yours as I am in an angry mood right now after seeing the ending, so let’s begin the main thing.

The anime takes place in a historical fantasy world where fairies are real and they are used in war.
The story revolves around female mc, who has lost everything in war and now joined an army to help people and her life dealing with problems with her new friends…
That’s it.

The plot is made by me because when you read the original plot written by the creators, it makes you feel like, this anime is all about revenge, friendship vs duty or so on but turns out they were all fake.

well the artwork is great…

The start was great but then it started falling down and again up then just keep going down with an unknown ending which has no reason (for me).
But in its credit, the anime has good are and music with some great action.
Also, it has CG characters (mc’s fairy).

Each time I see mc’s childhood friend, I get hyped as she always shows in a fight and turns it into more of a great fight but you can’t use a single character again and again and the ending was just…

My Score: 5/10
It was a big disappointment as it showed some potential but…

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