Isekai Quartet Anime Review

About the Anime:
The anime is an everyday school life of characters which are brought from famous isekai anime’s such as:
-Saga of Tanya the evil
-Re: zero

Also, all characters are in chibi form.

I’ll be straight, the anime was great and it had been a great ride so far but one thing that I didn’t understand was that why there is not much action (except those magics), I mean why are their characters such as Tanya and Ainz in this if they wanted to make it funny only but then I thought maybe it isn’t for us and it was right.

The anime is geared towards kids so don’t watch it if you hope for some action and I think nobody is excepting action because there are only chibi characters.

I really hope your wish can come true before you die…

My Score: 6/10
It was a happy ride and yeah it is kids anime.

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