The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime Review

About the anime:
It’s the same isekai theme, where they call heroes (4 heroes) to fight enemies and as usual, one person (mc) is framed and kicked out of the team and you know the rest.

What is different?
It’s the story.
Every isekai anime has a good story but there are only few who could deliver it to the audience with its full potential and that’s what this anime does. Also, with great character development.
Mc becomes strong on his own (power are not bestowed here as he is the weakest hero in his whole team).

The art and music is also great…

I didn’t like this anime because the story was delivered correctly or had some good level of character development, I liked this anime because the way each character were portrayed in this anime and the development throughout the 25 episodes… It was something which can’t be described in words

My Score: 8.9/10
Even the best have a weakness and that is also applied to this anime as the only thing this anime lacks is action. We can see the fight but it’s all about magic and strategy only (As mc has only defense skills), so if you are coming from Bleach or DBZ or any other full action movie then you can watch something else.

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