Xian Ni Manhua Review

The description of this Manhua is pretty complex but the main thing, story, is good and that’s why it is here.

About it:
The story revolves around a boy who has nothing special but wants to be at the top and what it takes to be No.1, as the Mc dies not one time but many time and each time it is a different place, diff. people and more hard work.

Also, this is not some random Isekai manga, so don’t think any kind of those shi* as the mc is already in a fantasy world and reborn in the same world but in diff. continent (that’s what I think).

every manhua is good in art…

The manhua is full of action, great story, suspense, etc and best of all a great art (every manhua is good in this).
I know there is not much I have said but I would say one thing, it will be worth it. (Also, you won’t be bored as it already has more than 100 chapters).

My Score: 9/10
The only thing I didn’t like in this manhua is cliffhangers.

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