One Punch Man Season 2 Anime Review

Before we get to the main thing, I just want to say one thing, I am not some pro in animation or story writer, I am just a normal person who loves to watch anime.

About anime:
The story and characters are the same as usual, nothing much has changed except Mc’s rank is increased and nothing else.
Same action with some great animation and battle effects.

now the main thing:
Is the 2nd season really bad?

Nope, it is good but there have been some grave mistakes.

The only weak point I could find was the story, as the story was progressing really slowly, but that’s how the creator made.

Battle sound and artwork are great…

I was satisfied by this season though I didn’t enjoy music much but still enjoyed all the action and animation they showed. Also, to all hater’s I just want to say one thing…. “Why not you guys try to make your own anime?”.

One Punch Man, the anime which shacked the whole industry and become something that no other anime can be compared with and when new people (Staff) get the responsibility to make the sequel of this great franchise, the pressure is just way too high (even if the staff is the same) which can’t be compared, as it’s not only people from Japan that will be watching it but outside the country also (millions of people) and when you think about so many expectations are on you then failure is bound to happen (ex. Samsung’s fold-able phone).

Also, we made a mistake, like over expecting from them (especially after watching Mob Psycho 100) and by reading manga and then expecting that they will do much better then the original manga.
We liked the manga but not the anime (that is expected when you know the whole story and actions).

My Score:8.9/10
I am only mad because of slow progress in the story but above all, I loved it and enjoyed it.

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4 thoughts on “One Punch Man Season 2 Anime Review

      1. OOOOOkkkk……
        I wont force you, but it’s a good anime so if you feel like to watch it then go ahead but its a diff. story if you are reading manga…


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