The Hunter Manhua Review

I took my time and read a lot of manga and manhua hoping that there will be one which I will review but couldn’t find except this one.

The Theme of the Manhua:
The manhua revolves around an Mc who dies and comes back to the time (10 years before) and his journey to not make the same mistake and avenge his death.

That’s what the theme of the manhua is but after reading a lot of chapters (more than 20) I feel like there is no story….and there is only action and just action.
Each chapter has action/battles (with mc), at least give him some time for rest and all of this happens so fast that you can’t even have time to know other characters well…

Art is nice…

The good thing about the manhua is that it has great art and good action with MC never loosing but the bad side is that the whole story feels pretty much fast forwarded and it is good for those who love lots of action.

My Score:6.7/10
It is a good manhua but it’s just at that level, but maybe in the next few chapters they will improve (who knows)

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One thought on “The Hunter Manhua Review

  1. Oops forgot to mention that it has a lot of blood scene and Mc is totally a bad guy so don’t expect any humor or good heart work…
    Also, after reading all chapters it is a good manhua for those who love action with badass mc.


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