18if Anime Review

Let’s not waste your precious time and get straight to the point.

About anime plot:
The plot is something like this: The mc (Haruto) meets different girl in a dream world and each girl has some problem but one thing is same among all girls and that is the sleeping syndrome disease which every girl is going through.
Thus begins our Mc’s journey to save all those girls and make them awake in the real world through meeting them in the dream with the help of a cat, who is in truth a scientist.

Plot is small isn’t it? Like hell it is small but whatever it is.

The anime is… ok and that’s it.
Up to 11 episodes you will meet diff. girls as and see their diff. problems and after that all girls will help our mc in his problem.
The anime does get gore some time but that’s only very few time, so you have been warned and one thing I did notice is that I didn’t get bored while watching as each episode has its own way of presentation.

app to dream world…

But there are places where they lack (I don’t know where but felt something lacking) but overall it was an ok feeling with no bad thoughts on this anime.

Also, one main thing, it is not an harem anime.

My Score:6/10
Its good but something is lacking.
You can say that it is an avg. anime.

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